What our Customers say...


Rudy and his technician were a pleasure to work with. He patiently explained the process before he began and kept us up to date on the progress of the job.

As much as I enjoyed working with you and your company , we hope it will be a very long time before we need to see you again. 

Thank you!! 

Kodi was excellent, professional, attentive and respectful 

Rudy and Oscar were prompt and efficient went right to work,they explained and did an excellent job 

Rudy and his crew are very hard workers and have great work ethic, Very professional. 

Rudy and the crew were very professional and attentive... good job. 

You really made a difference and you truly are appreciated. Thank you for helping me along this unfortunate event. 

You crews were very kind and concerned about my well being. Thank you again! 

Thank you for making something so bad, OK. 

I was impressed with the personability and kind behavior throughout my distress of  my loss due to water damage. In particular I would like to mention Mike P, Brian G, Oscar, Shane, Joe and finally Mike Hughes. They were sensitive to the fact that we are all asthmatics in the house and did their work as cleanly and expediently as possible. Thank you! 

I was totally overwhelmed when the crew arrived. Sooo Happy after they started. They were very polite professional and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable. My house is immaculate thanks to them. I highly recommend these people to anyone.

I was impressed with the SERVPRO operation. Thanks to them, we were back in our Home Office six weeks after Hurricane Sandy devestated the Long Beach area. It took most other businesses in the area much longer to recover, and be operational than the six weeks we experienced. Our 22,000 square foot ground floor, with the exception of City Hall, is also much larger than just about every other commercial business in Long Beach.

SERVPRO brought in a large generator that we placed on the adjacent Shell Service Station property. We negotiated with Shell to provide fuel for the generator, and they could in turn use it to power their facility, while SERVPRO went to work on our rehab.

SERVPRO had approximately 50 workers on site. They had to replace 2 feet ( from the floor up ) of every sheetrock wall on that ground floor. This had to be coordinated with removing ever inch of carpeting, while jacking up more than 100 work stations to replace that carpet (work done by a carpet vendor).

I was impressed by the SERVPRO management team who had a difficult task to organize the rehab. They had to make sure the 50 men and women working at the site functioned as a unit without getting in each others way. They accomplished this perfectly.

My responsibility was to get our our Home Office up and running as quickly as possible. I'm sure you remember the chaos resulting from moving most of our staff to the Plainview office. The extra 125 people or so at that location was taxing for everyone. If it wasn't for SERVPRO's efficiency, we could have been out of commission much longer than six weeks. I think they did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.


James is one of a kind type of guy. Very professional and efficient! 

Frozen Pipe damage is the worst. My basement was in disarray. SERVPRO came in and helped my family restore it back to normal. 

"They helped my family overcome a terrible time." Thank you SERVPRO of Port Jefferson.

My downstairs den suffered water damage from a heavy rain storm. The Project Manager who came made me feel confident that my home would be taken care of and restored to exactly how to was pre-storm. I was amazed at the thoroughness of the team. I can't commend SERVPRO of Port Jefferson enough for hiring such kind, caring professional and incredibly nice guys. While I hope to never have to go through this experience again you can bet that if I do I will be using SERVPRO of Port Jefferson!

Your crew was a pleasure to work with. They were polite and professional. You can use me as a reference anytime.

This was a difficult time for us, however with the help of SERVPRO, we are on the path to full restoration. Thanks again to SERVPRO's office and crews.

I had a fire in my house approximately two weeks ago and since then have had people in and out of my house repairing the damage. Of all the different crews that have come in, construction crews, window repair crews, etc. The SERVPRO crew was by far the most professional, courteous, and helpful of all of them.

SERVPRO surveyed our job promptly within hours of being notified. Their staff was courteous and helpful in getting our situation on the 'road to recovery'.

The SERVPRO crew did an EXCELLENT job! I would highly recommend this company and this crew to anyone!

Your crew did a tremendous job and left no stone un-turned...actually no chair, sofa, desk, carpet, etc.! The workers were thorough, courteous and fast. We would not hesitate to call on you again for your services.

Just a note of thanks again for your very much appreciated honesty and wonderful service.

We had several inches of water in my basement this week from the rain. What I thought was a disaster turned out to be a temporary inconvenience. SERVPRO was very professional, prompt and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for anything better They saved the day!

During a terrible time SERVPRO was there for me in a time of need. The workers were very professional an answered all my questions and concerns. SERVPRO was very attentive an completed the job in no time.

Called in SERVPRO to spring clean all my carpets. I gotta say they did an excellent job. My carpets went from dull to like it was brand new. SERVPRO is really dedicated to make it "Like it never even happened."

I was pleased with the time and hard work SERVPRO provided for me in a time of need.

Letter to our project manager: Thank you so very much for the excellent service I received through SERVPRO. From the initial evaluation through the clean-up, everything went smoothly. I'm sure your professionalism as a project manager helped set a good tone for the other employees. Thanks again for your help, and may God Bless you! I hope the tract is a blessing to you and your family. Sincerely Ms.---

Thank you so much for all your help, your company has been so great from start to finish, if I ever have need of this type of service again (which honestly I hope I don’t) I will not hesitate to use your company.

Excellent service, staff, timing. would definitely recommend to my friends and family. 

SERVPRO made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Rich allowed me to make decisions while educating me and guiding me to what needed to be done. Having no clue on what was to be done I felt at ease with his advice. SERVPRO was fast and restored my home to its original state. I Highly recommend! 

SERVPRO cleaned up my basement after a sewage pipe burst. They did an outstanding job. They got rid of the odor and truly stuck to "Like it never really happened." I give them an A+ for quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism.

In a time of need. SERVPRO was on top of my concerns and speedy recovery.

The level of service we received from SERVPRO from the initial call to the last day on the job was excellent. SERVPRO was very attentive to our concerns during our tough time of a loss. 

As a business owner , I realized how difficult it is to obtain "good workers". From my experience with Kevin I can see how great of worker SERVPRO has. I would be honored to employ a worker with half his work ethic. I would like to thank Kevin and SERVPRO again for all the help during this hard time. 

24/7/365 is no joke. SERVPRO is really available all hours of each day. Late night pipe break an called SERVPRO they had a crew to me within a few hours. It was unbelievable . 

Brought my business back into action ASAP

Outstanding Customer Service

Before my son's graduation party, my house need some professional carpet cleaning. We called SERVPRO in and I was truly amazed how great of a job was done. 

SERVPRO professionals were polite professional and prompt. I was very happy with SERVPROs services.

SERVPRO gave a very Informative Mold Seminar! 

SERVPRO was contracted to remove mold and soaked insulation in my crawl space. The conditions were difficult to say the least. They were incredibly diligent in doing the work. I was extremely impressed with their efforts and the results they achieved. 

We were back in business in a matter of two days after a terrible water damage. SERVPRO was on scene ready to mitigate the issue within hours. I would Highly recommend to all my clients. 

The Gentlemen were a source of strength during our difficult time, this crew was very compassionate and above all humane. Thank you so much, we will always be grateful.